Snarky Puppy – again

Music listeners,

Just in case you’e been distracted by podcasts, I’m here to snap you back into music mode.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of Radiolab and other groups that allow me to listen in on fascinating conversations that explore outlandish topics and come to some dizzying denouements.

But my headphones are too good to not put on some Snarky Puppy. Dammit! I did it again. I typed Skinny, but it is NOT that band. What you will be exposed to will be a group of hyper-talented music school grads and geeks that will know the funk out of you. The sound quality you make you stop cold on the street as you realize that it’s recorded live in front of an audience.

So go forth, dear listeners, plug in, turn it up, and get back to some head bobbing.



Jimmy Smith – Root Down

I haven’t seen live music for some time now and I’ve been feeling some withdrawal. Luckily, I loaded this onto my phone to listen to and have been bopping my head to it on the subway. Sometimes, you just want everyone to hear what you’re listening to because you have a feeling it’s going to lift up their day.

I’ve cued the video to start at Root Down, but the whole darn album sizzles with funk. The bass is crazy driving and the melodies are filled with joy. I can see the whirling Hammond. It’s like I’m in the audience every time I hear this album!

The Virtuoso in the Subway

Joshua Bell

This story is from 2007, but at Christmas time every year (or at Thanksgiving for that matter), its message is evergreen.

It’s a good read, a valuable life lesson, and harks to a chilling loss of humanity that we forever seem to be on the cusp of.

2017 was not a good year for humanity in terms of government, human rights, the environment, and peace. The positive blowback, however, is that we all matter to each other, regardless of how often we are told the opposite.

Stop and listen as often as you can. Ladies and Gentlemen, Joshua Bell.