Motivation is mindset

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right!” – Henry Ford

Being cooped up during COVID-19 means studying online for many of us. Relax, you’ve got the easy job. Imagine what your teachers are going through as they try to organize, communicate, and assess all of their students’ work!

Tell yourself you can get it done. Write down why you want to get it done. Find someone you can talk to about getting it done.

You are not alone. And you’re doing great!

Make the learning process fun

“As instructors, we can facilitate this enjoyment by trying to make our lessons fun, rather than laborious and painful. We can also put the emphasis on the learning process, rather than on grades or trivia contests in which students compete over which of them knows the most facts or figures.” – Daphne Stanford

Online Motivation

“Define success in terms of mastery and personal improvement rather than in terms of performance relative to others.” – Deborah J. Stipek

She also talks about “rewards”, but here is I differ with her. Your learning, studying, exercise, etc. should not be rewarded. It is your duty. Do you reward yourself for brushing your teeth?

Get it done. Be better than yesterday’s version of you.

COVID-19 and distance learning

As of today (Saturday, April 4, 2020) people all over the world have been ordered/strongly requested to stay at home. Shopping malls, amusement parks, theaters, concerts, sports events – basically any situation or venue where fifteen or more people can gather – are closed, cancelled, postponed, or not allowed to happen. That includes school.

Teachers and parents are scrambling to find online resources to structure online learning for their children. Schools are struggling to find the best way to communicate, assess, and instruct virtually.

In this post, I will 1) inundate you with sources so that you can select for yourself as well as 2) suggest my favourites for you to start with.

Cult of Pedagogy podcast

There are thousands or resources, but fundamentally, the best resource for you depends on age/grade and subject. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could email you the day’s school work?

Barring that, the best source for sources I’ve discovered so far is the Cult of Pedagogy podcast/website, specifically Ms. Gonzalez’ March 30, 2020 podcast number 142.

The list

There’s a massive, growing list of resources out there. Here it is.

My recommendations

Start with Then check out

Stay safe everyone.

Turn your world upside down – Duchamp in Tokyo

It’s here!

Fans of dadaism, readymades, art, subversive thinking, and ceramics – rejoice!

Go see the urinal that turned the art world upside down. See it standing on your head, have a friend take a picture, and recreate art again.

Art is infinate. Art is saying no what has come before. Art is changing our minds. Art is in front of you when you least expect it.

In 1917, something happened. 100 years later, we’re still learning about what art is.

Read the website carefully and you’ll find a PDF of all of the works on loan from the Philidelphia Museum of Art to the Tokyo National Museum.

Until December 9th.fountain.jpg