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The Virtuoso in the Subway

Joshua Bell

This story is from 2007, but at Christmas time every year (or at Thanksgiving for that matter), its message is evergreen.

It’s a good read, a valuable life lesson, and harks to a chilling loss of humanity that we forever seem to be on the cusp of.

2017 was not a good year for humanity in terms of government, human rights, the environment, and peace. The positive blowback, however, is that we all matter to each other, regardless of how often we are told the opposite.

Stop and listen as often as you can. Ladies and Gentlemen, Joshua Bell.

RIP Walter Becker (1950-2017), age 67

This is truly a very sad day in music. Along with Donald Fagen, Walter Becker created Steely Dan. Their music, the musicians they utilized, and the fans that listened to their songs will know this duo as inovating and incorporating pop, jazz, and blues to such a level of sophistocation and lyricism to easily be named as many a music-lovers favourite band.

Their songs are wrapped in American history. Their influences are the best. And Walter’s subtle guitar solos, floating bass lines, and teamwork with Fagen cement him as one of the legends of American music.

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